Not a drunken cook



It all began with my son in law;

“hey mom in law”


la la

“you cook a lot  with different spirits!”

you post so many alcohol related gourmet recipes

time for a recipe cooking blog!”

so here we are .

Over 4  years ago I began a blog called “the midlife blahhhg”

That was such a pre- major transition time for me

empty nest

empty marriage

aging very dependent parents

questions of  now what

what now?


a large window opened,

and all sorts of things came pouring in.

my marriage ended..

moving, loss of my father- yes we were super close,

my mothers dimentia reared its head,

grandchildren came..such beauty !!

friends were rocks

new friendships

the world opened up


creative bursts

music,and cooking, good wine

began to combine

I LOVE to experiment with food and my friends   and family do not  mind.

I LOVE the challenge of testing out  different cuisines.

you’re a vegan coming for a meal,  no problem, I will make this a feast treat

your gf, np , there will be incredible gf desserts



It will be healthy

ahh but yes

I put my spirit into the food!

and yes i like to  cook with spirits!

so  I invite you all on this journey

discover foods with a dash or more of a fine wine, a bourbon, a tequila drizzle .. or more

WE will discover the  history of different wines, whiskey ,and bourbon,  and its cousins..and become drunken with the enhanced spirits in each recipe



the spirited cusine

ps next time we meet we will start with dessert


we will start with dessert