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Hey y’all thanks for your patience. Spirited away by  new babies, holidays….. it’s all coming together.

Full recipes and pics to be posted in a few days.

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Whats in your coffee

There are mixed drinks and then

there are mixed coffee drinks.

I invented a coffee drink.. just because  I liked the name. I was joking around with a bf back 4 years  ago .

We both enjoyed a good  coffee and  some good bourbon. I do live  just south of the mason dixon line! And I do favor a good cappuccino , So I  said well here’s a drink:

the bourboccino

And it was born.. we would take it in thermoses  hot or cold , accompanying us to  pretty sites, and laugh over my  brilliant concoction and how it would become famous … trust  a me  it’s one of my signature drinks  and yes one does laugh while sipping a bourboccino!

That bf is  long gone

but the bourboccino is here to stay

I was curious so I researched other “spirited” coffees and have selected two others that seemed just so cool. The Irish coffee is the classic we all know , but I found some winners!

These are not get up and go coffees, these are sip,relax, and go slow coffees

coffees to enjoy as part of the digestif with your friends at the end of a  meal  or hey

sip it alone

its all good



The bourboccino:



The siciliano:


Spanish coffee:





Bring out the sauce

Easy portabella pasta sauce

spinach fettucini


limincello brownies

simmering  scents that carry us  away to special places

What is it about Italian food that just makes us feel so bella  vita ?!

This sauce happens when you just need that intimate evening with a partner,   a small group of friends, la  familia, mmm a nice glass of pinot grigio…..

I have made many pasta sauces from scratch.

This is what I call easy half scratch.

This sauce is dedicated to an old friend. a Texan bred, internationally and locally trained  chef  who taught me a couple of cool  tricks:

How to use knives properly.

The special secrets to an Italian sauce that have stayed with me.

He is no longer on this earth.

His talents live on.


Whiskey Fantasy Heaven

Ahh those Mediterraneans!

Tel Aviv,  March 2018

my friend says; ” see that – its a whiskey tasting bar and museum across from us.”

ok, oh yeah..

I responded ;” Well lets check  this out!”

We go downstairs  into a deep underground



enter another realm.

We have entered Whiskey Fantasy Heaven

My first son in law is an avid collector  of fine whiskeys and bourbons,this would have been a place where  at first his jaw would drop ,and then he would just be smiling the entire time.

This must have been an underground train at one time.

The setting; stone walls and stone  and brick  encased curved ceilings. Modern, yet old.  Smokey, elegant, bi level, dual sided,  and lit up  mirrored back drops of thousands of the most collected whiskeys from around the entire world, and yes a fine  cuisine to pair  with your tastings..

Presentation: level 10

This place,  by reservation only, and its a full house.

Whiskey Bar and Museum

With a whiskey and cigar room and a museum ,about yes whiskey

So my friends,  whisked away by whiskey.

The Spirited Cuisine matches its heart  to a whole new world!

So lets whisk something up together:

a salad so fine:

beets > avacados >feta >candied pecans,  and green salad with a ceylon whiskey dressing

yes thats my concoction inspired by  whiskey discovery heaven

and a drink called: “the dirty bastard”

Its variation;  My  invention

Warning : stay put or uber it !


Fun Day Sunday

Shakshuka el vino

Bourbon  maple gluten free pancakes with blueberry port infused sauce

Half whole wheat Challah bread


We cherish those simple things of life.

Those moments we want to capture ,and just hang out there , to  linger in that special space for as long as we can.

It was a special treat to have a visit from my son and his fiance as they are busy students.

my second grandkid, her dad., the second of my fabulous  sons in law, and  one of my grand doggies , all hanging around the kitchen on a laid back Sunday morning.

My son and his fiance have studied medicine abroad  where they learned how to make shakshuka quite well from scratch, in a country where mediterranean food is core.

As they were methodically preparing the Shakshuka,  of course  I said.. “hey guys lets try a bit of wine in there..!”

“sure thing momma”

I  was the  purveyor of the pancakes,  no I  did not add the bourbon until after I made an alcohol free batch for my best pal my second grandgal , I am after all a responsible glamma!

As  I am busy with the pancakes, my son tells me a story and I fell for it. Little did I know that it was something he wrote back in college when he was the writer and head of the comedy team .

Here is what he wrote:

Pancakes were definitely invented by some hungover divorced dad trying to bribe his kid with cake for breakfast.

” Daddy! this cake is flat!”


“And you’re making it in a pan! Mommy doesn’t make it in a pan”

“Yeah that’s cause its called a pan…cake.”

“Mommy doesn’t know how to make pancakes.”

“Oh , Well it doesn’t taste like a cake.”

“There’s no icing!”

“You don’t put icing on pancakes Silly ! ( laughing)”

“You don’t?”

“No silly! You put … (looking in the cabinet) uh syrup on pancakes!!”

“You do?”

“Yeah and ….sugar!”


“And chocolate syrup. You can put. mm ..bananas on it or cherries or ”


“Sprinkles. Yeah.”

Hey its comedy.

But I actually could see this happening.

So  now this divorced mom.. revamped those pancakes.. !

‘a bit of bourbon to enhance the maple and vanilla in the pancakes.drizzled with a port infused blueberry sauce

and some wine to elevate the shakshuka..’

The  music that’s playing :

“suga suga you look so fine…”

FUN days those SUNdays.


Lets start with dessert!

so my friend’s mom dotty always says ;

“life is short..let’s eat dessert first”

So here are two desserts  that I have reinvented.

chocolate halva bobka with chocolate liquer

chocolate bourbon pecan pie

paired with a blackberry bourbon smash drink   ( considered the bourbon drinkers mojito!)

first.. a little note on my cooking and baking style …


I try to replace ingredients whenever possible with more organic or more natural substitutes and I will point this out.

I will give you different options of replacements  when I can.

Before I post the recipes and accompanying  photos,

here is a little history

on Bourbon




Bourbon is a type of American whiskey, a barrel -aged distilled spirit, made primarily from corn, although there a few made from other grains.

Bourbon can be made anywhere in the USA, it is strongly associated with the South, and with Kentucky.

It seems to originate in the later 1700s.

As of 2014, the revenue for bourbon sold in the USA is approx 2.7 billion, and bourbon makes up for about 2/3 of us exports of distilled spirits. Id say bourbon is popular!

Many say that the originator of the early Bourbon was Elijah Craig.

The practice of aging and charring barrels for better flavor was known in Europe for centuries and likely the Scottish  and Irish, who immigrated to the  USA,  brought this  knowledge with them.

Also the name may have been derived from when the Kentucky spirit was sold in New Orleans, and named after Bourbon street, it was considered cheaper than French cognac.

In addition, Bourbon county was an area of Kentucky that was separated off from Virginia.

The original bottles were stamped with Old Bourbon for the port in Old Bourbon county from where  they were shipped.

Prohibition was devastating to the bourbon industry in the early 1900s.

Bourbon, and Tennessee whiskey are  considered to be a type of Bourbon, and  have gained growth and popularity.

And the story continues.

time to bake 🙂

Not a drunken cook



It all began with my son in law;

“hey mom in law”


la la

“you cook a lot  with different spirits!”

you post so many alcohol related gourmet recipes

time for a recipe cooking blog!”

so here we are .

Over 4  years ago I began a blog called “the midlife blahhhg”

That was such a pre- major transition time for me

empty nest

empty marriage

aging very dependent parents

questions of  now what

what now?


a large window opened,

and all sorts of things came pouring in.

my marriage ended..

moving, loss of my father- yes we were super close,

my mothers dimentia reared its head,

grandchildren came..such beauty !!

friends were rocks

new friendships

the world opened up


creative bursts

music,and cooking, good wine

began to combine

I LOVE to experiment with food and my friends   and family do not  mind.

I LOVE the challenge of testing out  different cuisines.

you’re a vegan coming for a meal,  no problem, I will make this a feast treat

your gf, np , there will be incredible gf desserts



It will be healthy

ahh but yes

I put my spirit into the food!

and yes i like to  cook with spirits!

so  I invite you all on this journey

discover foods with a dash or more of a fine wine, a bourbon, a tequila drizzle .. or more

WE will discover the  history of different wines, whiskey ,and bourbon,  and its cousins..and become drunken with the enhanced spirits in each recipe



the spirited cusine

ps next time we meet we will start with dessert


we will start with dessert