Whats in your coffee

There are mixed drinks and then

there are mixed coffee drinks.

I invented a coffee drink.. just because  I liked the name. I was joking around with a bf back 4 years  ago .

We both enjoyed a good  coffee and  some good bourbon. I do live  just south of the mason dixon line! And I do favor a good cappuccino , So I  said well here’s a drink:

the bourboccino

And it was born.. we would take it in thermoses  hot or cold , accompanying us to  pretty sites, and laugh over my  brilliant concoction and how it would become famous … trust  a me  it’s one of my signature drinks  and yes one does laugh while sipping a bourboccino!

That bf is  long gone

but the bourboccino is here to stay

I was curious so I researched other “spirited” coffees and have selected two others that seemed just so cool. The Irish coffee is the classic we all know , but I found some winners!

These are not get up and go coffees, these are sip,relax, and go slow coffees

coffees to enjoy as part of the digestif with your friends at the end of a  meal  or hey

sip it alone

its all good



The bourboccino:



The siciliano:


Spanish coffee:





Author: thespiritedcuisine

I was not an interior designer for over 25 years Im also a leadership coach and consultant With a very creative artsy background to boot Cooking is a passion where I can express it all and nurture Its also has brought me on many journeys Which has expanded my views on food Culture And life Ready to share with yall

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