Whiskey Fantasy Heaven

Ahh those Mediterraneans!

Tel Aviv,  March 2018

my friend says; ” see that – its a whiskey tasting bar and museum across from us.”

ok, oh yeah..

I responded ;” Well lets check  this out!”

We go downstairs  into a deep underground



enter another realm.

We have entered Whiskey Fantasy Heaven

My first son in law is an avid collector  of fine whiskeys and bourbons,this would have been a place where  at first his jaw would drop ,and then he would just be smiling the entire time.

This must have been an underground train at one time.

The setting; stone walls and stone  and brick  encased curved ceilings. Modern, yet old.  Smokey, elegant, bi level, dual sided,  and lit up  mirrored back drops of thousands of the most collected whiskeys from around the entire world, and yes a fine  cuisine to pair  with your tastings..

Presentation: level 10

This place,  by reservation only, and its a full house.

Whiskey Bar and Museum

With a whiskey and cigar room and a museum ,about yes whiskey

So my friends,  whisked away by whiskey.

The Spirited Cuisine matches its heart  to a whole new world!

So lets whisk something up together:

a salad so fine:

beets > avacados >feta >candied pecans,  and green salad with a ceylon whiskey dressing

yes thats my concoction inspired by  whiskey discovery heaven

and a drink called: “the dirty bastard”

Its variation;  My  invention

Warning : stay put or uber it !


Author: thespiritedcuisine

I was not an interior designer for over 25 years Im also a leadership coach and consultant With a very creative artsy background to boot Cooking is a passion where I can express it all and nurture Its also has brought me on many journeys Which has expanded my views on food Culture And life Ready to share with yall

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