Fun Day Sunday

Shakshuka el vino

Bourbon  maple gluten free pancakes with blueberry port infused sauce

Half whole wheat Challah bread


We cherish those simple things of life.

Those moments we want to capture ,and just hang out there , to  linger in that special space for as long as we can.

It was a special treat to have a visit from my son and his fiance as they are busy students.

my second grandkid, her dad., the second of my fabulous  sons in law, and  one of my grand doggies , all hanging around the kitchen on a laid back Sunday morning.

My son and his fiance have studied medicine abroad  where they learned how to make shakshuka quite well from scratch, in a country where mediterranean food is core.

As they were methodically preparing the Shakshuka,  of course  I said.. “hey guys lets try a bit of wine in there..!”

“sure thing momma”

I  was the  purveyor of the pancakes,  no I  did not add the bourbon until after I made an alcohol free batch for my best pal my second grandgal , I am after all a responsible glamma!

As  I am busy with the pancakes, my son tells me a story and I fell for it. Little did I know that it was something he wrote back in college when he was the writer and head of the comedy team .

Here is what he wrote:

Pancakes were definitely invented by some hungover divorced dad trying to bribe his kid with cake for breakfast.

” Daddy! this cake is flat!”


“And you’re making it in a pan! Mommy doesn’t make it in a pan”

“Yeah that’s cause its called a pan…cake.”

“Mommy doesn’t know how to make pancakes.”

“Oh , Well it doesn’t taste like a cake.”

“There’s no icing!”

“You don’t put icing on pancakes Silly ! ( laughing)”

“You don’t?”

“No silly! You put … (looking in the cabinet) uh syrup on pancakes!!”

“You do?”

“Yeah and ….sugar!”


“And chocolate syrup. You can put. mm ..bananas on it or cherries or ”


“Sprinkles. Yeah.”

Hey its comedy.

But I actually could see this happening.

So  now this divorced mom.. revamped those pancakes.. !

‘a bit of bourbon to enhance the maple and vanilla in the pancakes.drizzled with a port infused blueberry sauce

and some wine to elevate the shakshuka..’

The  music that’s playing :

“suga suga you look so fine…”

FUN days those SUNdays.


Author: thespiritedcuisine

I was not an interior designer for over 25 years Im also a leadership coach and consultant With a very creative artsy background to boot Cooking is a passion where I can express it all and nurture Its also has brought me on many journeys Which has expanded my views on food Culture And life Ready to share with yall

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