Bring out the sauce

Easy portabella pasta sauce

spinach fettucini


limincello brownies

simmering  scents that carry us  away to special places

What is it about Italian food that just makes us feel so bella  vita ?!

This sauce happens when you just need that intimate evening with a partner,   a small group of friends, la  familia, mmm a nice glass of pinot grigio…..

I have made many pasta sauces from scratch.

This is what I call easy half scratch.

This sauce is dedicated to an old friend. a Texan bred, internationally and locally trained  chef  who taught me a couple of cool  tricks:

How to use knives properly.

The special secrets to an Italian sauce that have stayed with me.

He is no longer on this earth.

His talents live on.


Author: thespiritedcuisine

I was not an interior designer for over 25 years Im also a leadership coach and consultant With a very creative artsy background to boot Cooking is a passion where I can express it all and nurture Its also has brought me on many journeys Which has expanded my views on food Culture And life Ready to share with yall

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