Lets start with dessert!

so my friend’s mom dotty always says ;

“life is short..let’s eat dessert first”

So here are two desserts  that I have reinvented.

chocolate halva bobka with chocolate liquer

chocolate bourbon pecan pie

paired with a blackberry bourbon smash drink   ( considered the bourbon drinkers mojito!)

first.. a little note on my cooking and baking style …


I try to replace ingredients whenever possible with more organic or more natural substitutes and I will point this out.

I will give you different options of replacements  when I can.

Before I post the recipes and accompanying  photos,

here is a little history

on Bourbon




Bourbon is a type of American whiskey, a barrel -aged distilled spirit, made primarily from corn, although there a few made from other grains.

Bourbon can be made anywhere in the USA, it is strongly associated with the South, and with Kentucky.

It seems to originate in the later 1700s.

As of 2014, the revenue for bourbon sold in the USA is approx 2.7 billion, and bourbon makes up for about 2/3 of us exports of distilled spirits. Id say bourbon is popular!

Many say that the originator of the early Bourbon was Elijah Craig.

The practice of aging and charring barrels for better flavor was known in Europe for centuries and likely the Scottish  and Irish, who immigrated to the  USA,  brought this  knowledge with them.

Also the name may have been derived from when the Kentucky spirit was sold in New Orleans, and named after Bourbon street, it was considered cheaper than French cognac.

In addition, Bourbon county was an area of Kentucky that was separated off from Virginia.

The original bottles were stamped with Old Bourbon for the port in Old Bourbon county from where  they were shipped.

Prohibition was devastating to the bourbon industry in the early 1900s.

Bourbon, and Tennessee whiskey are  considered to be a type of Bourbon, and  have gained growth and popularity.

And the story continues.

time to bake 🙂

Author: thespiritedcuisine

I was not an interior designer for over 25 years Im also a leadership coach and consultant With a very creative artsy background to boot Cooking is a passion where I can express it all and nurture Its also has brought me on many journeys Which has expanded my views on food Culture And life Ready to share with yall

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